Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Create Profesional Chart using PHP

As it function spread, PHP also can be develop into reporting agent. But creating chart graphic report using php never been this easy before i found ChartDirector. ChartDirector is a programming module that enable creation of chart based on given numeric data.

To install ChartDirector, simply go to its download section. Choose your platform, then extract into web-browsable folder. For Windows installation supposed no issue to highlight here. On Ubuntu, after several attempt, finally I got the installation works.

For Linux (Ubuntu) version, extract the package tar.gz into a web browseable folder. Then copy all co
ntent of lib into PHP shared object (so) folder, including all dll and font files. Remember to copy not move as the original file is needed for web browsable folder as well. To find out correct folder where the so lies, create a phpinfo() script.

Next is create an include entry in INI file. For Ubuntu, you may create a new file name it : chartdir.ini, put in /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/ along with existing modules. For other system, put in php.ini :

#configuration for php chart director module

Remember, eventhough the loaded extention is dll, but it is a Linux extention. Do not load the so file as it will reported non-valid PHP module error. Restart your apache server. To make sure your installation is runs well, rerun the phpinfo, you should get this of your info page

This software is shareware, and lots of platform and programming language are available not just PHP. Even its cracks are easily to find on the net, please support by purchasing full version licences.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Enrich your browsing experience under Ubuntu

Ubuntu now is not just geek box. Web developer also can be more convenient using it by installing various browser in it.
Not less than 4 browsers you can install:

1. Firefox
no doubt, this is de facto browser, most widely used among Ubuntu user, as it installed by default.

2. Opera

Eventhough Opera market share is not as big as Firefox, this browser has certain fanatic fans. Deliver a unique render style, browsing using Opera give a different feel.
To install, go to www.opera.com linux download section. Select Ubuntu deb package. Double click downloaded deb file, follow the installation instruction. Otherwise, you may follow instruction by ubuntu forum

3. Internet Explorer

IE is the most widely used, as it come preinstalled with the OS that ruled PC user for years.
To install, follow instruction from my previous post.

4. Safari
Mac fans is unable to accept other browser, but safari. Run on wine, with some display issue, Safari can still shows its beauty. As it run on Wine emulator, simply download safari installation file, then run it.

All browsers above, only Firefox and Opera is running natively, while two others are emulated from Windows version. Meaning you have Wine installed properly before proceed to install them.
Overall, all browsers does have own characteristic and render style that a web developer should have installed them all.