Friday, July 10, 2009

Install fancy fonts for your Ubuntu Java apps

Java is well-known development platform, not for enterprise system, but also to small application like rendering picture and processing video. One of the application I involve it, requires so many fancy fonts to make the output more beautiful.

It's not common that Java requires such fonts, but this really matters as it related to graphic and colour. Under Ubuntu box, Font that Java loads different from the system has. So we might need to copy all needed fonts into folder that reads by JRE.

For Ubuntu, Java fonts is available under folder /usr/lib/jvm/{your-java-version-folder}/jre/libs/fonts/. To find out what java version your working, see configuration of your Java apps. Refer to it, browse into /usr/lib/jvm, and match any possible version that's closest match.

By default no configuration file needed to edit if all your required fonts is satisfied. Once copied, reload your Java Application.