Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Operator silently discarded unlimited plan, why subsriber still love it ?

It's no doubt mobile operator has become nation's internet access for most people. From lite user to heavy user, all rely on this wireless channel. Few years ago, all operator are competing to lure new subscriber by offering unlimited data package. Back in that time, data consumption are still low if to be consumed alone by the phone. But for some heavy user geek, those packages are really being push to limit, by hacking parameter, proxy, VPN etc. Although it's limited by FUP (Fair usage policy), the truncated bandwidth still pretty interesting, if a 700MB movie is downloaded overnight (or two days, or 3 days, no matter). Operator feels being robbed by these users.

Nowadays, operator become smarter. Beside reducing cost of data, by advancing PS (packed core) infrastructure, wifi offload, cheaper internet backbone, (some) operator silently discarded those unlimited package. Some with similar wording but lack of the * star sign for term and condition of FUP. The package I'm currently using, even disallow connection to the APN once limit has crossed.

But subscriber more concern of quality instead of quantity. Every device has subscribed to a plan. Relatively enough, even for data-hungry gadget. Package price already included along purchasing the device. For existing gadget, simply activate new starter pack. Customer satisfaction achieved. Simply throw and buy new package. More reasonable.

 What about quality subscriber ? I'll tell you what I think on next post.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Nokia faded in the industry (and in my family)

I've been traditional Nokia fans for more than one decade. Every cell phone I bought since 1998 was Nokia. (my first phone is given actually). Not only me, but family and friends who seek my advise, I always recommend Nokia.Those days, if you want most advanced and most interesting phone, prime option is only Nokia. It has games like no other, user friendly menu display, and good shape.

Then new technology being adopted, and Nokia stays ahead from others. During the time Nokia enjoyed best portion of mobile communication profits.

Namely, the first camera phone, first color screen, first internal antenna, phone with install able games and apps. Never did the research, whether or not those 'first' adopter I said, but surely the first when it came to consideration.

Now, a bit sad and excited. New kind of gadget starting to brighten our days, ex Nokia fans. Gadget from green droid robot, one bite fruit, and another berry fruits starting become joins me family. However, my phone still has not changed, still a Nokia (I mean Symbian).

What's Nokia lacking is the user 'experience'. It can claim the features of other vendor/OS having, but not user experience. Number of apps in Nokia store, functionality, social connectivity and hardware specifications. Same Facebook apps, you may notice the different between Nokia (Symbian belle) and let say iPhone. The 3Mpx camera doesn't seems better then less than 1Mpx camera on iPad2. Nokia phones has offered video call years back, but never get traction until Facetime come in picture. Same Angry birds, but different feeling when it plays.

Its fate still haven't concluded, as Nokia still hoping to turn the situation with Lumia. I personally hope for the best.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why a three-partied world is so important

Recently we've seen to heat up of mobile operating system competition, involving big names from Google with Android as rising star, Apple iOS with certain fanatic users, and several other with smaller user base, such as RIM's Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Mobile and the blast from the past, Symbian. As market share for those smaller OS is (claimed) declining, perhaps we can say only two OS rule the mobile world now : Android and iOS. These two combined believed have market share up to 80% per 2011, is not a good situation for surround industry, such as wireless provider, application/game developer, and content provider. With big market share, they two can command the direction they wanted. Luckily they seems not get along well, but if they do, mobile world could be theirs with other only supporting role. 

In the past, we've seen  how Zuge Liang with his intelligent insisted a world (although that time only China) with three main ruler. And seems the setting could balanced the ambition and power to rule over other country. And then during cold war, there's initiative to setup new forces to balance it
And in Indonesian history, there a three-partied policy proven lasted 3 decades, although it crashed as it actually only one dominant player.

Now, in mobile world, the third player still vacant. No one could claim it now, because of their user base is not significant compared to the two ruler. It's not only Operating system matters, but ecosystem. How surrounding industry supports and user willing to give it a try at the new challenger. In my opinion, the surrounding industry must involve to ensure the third-ecosystem could grow as the other two

For challenger ecosystem, I hope they can, finally, found a way how to synergy and team up as an important third-ecosystem to balance the mobile world. And for kick start, maybe you can create universal messaging system across platform to "steal" some user.

Update : Found this video shows how "tripoly" instead of duopoly :)