Monday, September 22, 2014

Manage Files Older than certain days

Today, I found a quite useful trick to list, delete or manage file that is older than certain days
This trick is simple to housekeep and simply check if archiving process is running well day on day basis.

The basic is

find /path/to/files* -mtime +5 -exec command {} \;

You may easily change the command to :

ls -- to list files
rm -- delete
tar -czf -- to create a tar.gz archive

or anything you may try, and let me know the result.

Change the /path/to/files* to exact path you want to check
+5 means older than 5 days. Simply change to let say +30 for files older than 30 days

This should work on any linux. Tested on Ubuntu, CentOS, and RedHat.
Hope this small trick could save your precious working time, and let more time for having fun :)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Operator silently discarded unlimited plan, why subsriber still love it ?

It's no doubt mobile operator has become nation's internet access for most people. From lite user to heavy user, all rely on this wireless channel. Few years ago, all operator are competing to lure new subscriber by offering unlimited data package. Back in that time, data consumption are still low if to be consumed alone by the phone. But for some heavy user geek, those packages are really being push to limit, by hacking parameter, proxy, VPN etc. Although it's limited by FUP (Fair usage policy), the truncated bandwidth still pretty interesting, if a 700MB movie is downloaded overnight (or two days, or 3 days, no matter). Operator feels being robbed by these users.

Nowadays, operator become smarter. Beside reducing cost of data, by advancing PS (packed core) infrastructure, wifi offload, cheaper internet backbone, (some) operator silently discarded those unlimited package. Some with similar wording but lack of the * star sign for term and condition of FUP. The package I'm currently using, even disallow connection to the APN once limit has crossed.

But subscriber more concern of quality instead of quantity. Every device has subscribed to a plan. Relatively enough, even for data-hungry gadget. Package price already included along purchasing the device. For existing gadget, simply activate new starter pack. Customer satisfaction achieved. Simply throw and buy new package. More reasonable.

 What about quality subscriber ? I'll tell you what I think on next post.