Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Non-CP are taking role of a VAS, so what do "conventional CP" can do?

CP term is quite popular recent years as enabler to work with telco to provide value added services (VAS). As enabler, it provide channel to deliver content or services from other entity, such as news sources, music labels, games developers and marketing companies, as mobile-fit service. So we seen lots of service allied to certain artist, TV broadcaster, even daily product brand. It could be video on demand service, song downloads, games for mobile phone, phone enhancement or sms text news alert. But lately, the term "CP" quite allergic to some correspond to unethical service way.
As now, so many services are product and sells as their internal service. These provider affiliate with handset manufacturer so that ever since the first time we unwrap a new handset, we've forced to review so many services. They are trying to create a shortcut of CP's value chain. Broadcast companies are having their own shortcode, games companies also have their own connection to telco. So what does "conventional CP" can do as their role are no longer needed ?

To answer the economic challenges, there are several suggestion that a CP can evolve to :

Be a media company
As media industry
expanded, cp could also become as media sources, that specialized for mobile user. Of course kind of hard to beat CNN that has correspondent all over the world, but world now evolve to personal reporting, where everyone could submit their own news. sure this is a very potential business in the future. And I'm glad to say that my company I work now is evolving to this direction too, although the idea is not quite the same. It's more to music-related broadcast channel.

2. Be an IT backend company

This idea is not new. There are used-to conventional companies now are strong player provide back end services for mobile banking, mobile airline service and even telco intern system like billing and RBT platform.

3. Affiliate with music industry

The third way is, become strategic partner with certain music labels. As now, copyright is the main issue where CP no longer can create and sell music product they used to sell, all product variant is binded with string of copyrights. Only product under Cc can be modified and sold freely.
To overcome this matter, either cp be the stratigic partner of music company or have own artists. there are advantages of having own artist, as cp will have unlimited idea to explore an artist could be, beside conventional artist has, like publishing songs, concert, promotion on radio/tv/online.

These are options for a "conventional" CP have, where a company could evolve as one type or all of them if they capable to. Happy new year 2009 ! May coming year bring properity to us all.

1. CNBC Mobile
2. Universal Malaysia
3. Metamobile Jusradio

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sharing USB files on Ubuntu

USB flash disk is no doubt industry standard for portable storage. Everybody carrying one or more, even that's a "pure" USB flash disk or any portable device with storage, since most these modern gadget has USB Mass Storage profile.

To share these files on Ubuntu for other users, you may use Samba file sharing. Samba is file sharing server act just like Windows share, for sharing files and printer. To install samba on ubuntu as simple as installing other program.

> sudo apt-get install samba

Once installed, start sharing folder by right-click on a folder name opened using Nautilus (the de-facto file manager) -> Sharing. Make sure the file you going to share has appropriate permission. To be able to read, at least has read privileges on "other". Chmod them to 644.

To be able to share USB files, you need to change default privileges of USB flash disk files. As it auto-mounted when you insert it, USB flash disk get file permission setting from gnome setting editor. Change them with :

> gconf-editor

Go to system>storage>default_options>vfat, double click "mount_options" on the right, click "add", enter the text "fmask=000", click ok. Also double click on umask need to change to "000" (that's triple zero). Remember that's masking code not the mode itself. So umask = 000 equal to 777 filemode. Save it then remount the volume.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mobile Platform war

Global economy is slowing down, but tech company and consortium seems not going to slow down their research for next generation mobile device platform.

Mobile platform is not as simple as just OS. But it more to whole system how it interact with user, security, how it connect to any protocol and service.

The platform leads market now is Symbian. Motored by Nokia with its S60, now symbian devices can be found also on other brand, like LG and Samsung. With a very user friendly interface and consume low processing power, this platform is most available on most middle class handset now.

Windows Mobile is emerging from WinCE, now become a mature platform that adopted by some high end smartphone brand, like HTC, O2, DOPOD, some Samsung Pda phone and now Sony Ericsson on its Xperia X1. Backed by user using Windows on their PC, the creator expect user will find it easier to enjoy Windows Mobile.

There are proprietary system develop by each manufacturer, but since maintained by single vendor only, no much application for download and improvement we can expect. But as it implemented on most lower-end handset, these platform still have big portion in the market. Apple Iphone, in my opinion, is in this category also, as it single vendor maintain and very-closed system.

The latest but feared to be next leader, is Google's architech Android. Android believed will be the next generation platform since it design and created based on latest mobile and internet technology. Still some years to come before this platform is widely available on market, especially when economy crisis strike like now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Create Profesional Chart using PHP

As it function spread, PHP also can be develop into reporting agent. But creating chart graphic report using php never been this easy before i found ChartDirector. ChartDirector is a programming module that enable creation of chart based on given numeric data.

To install ChartDirector, simply go to its download section. Choose your platform, then extract into web-browsable folder. For Windows installation supposed no issue to highlight here. On Ubuntu, after several attempt, finally I got the installation works.

For Linux (Ubuntu) version, extract the package tar.gz into a web browseable folder. Then copy all co
ntent of lib into PHP shared object (so) folder, including all dll and font files. Remember to copy not move as the original file is needed for web browsable folder as well. To find out correct folder where the so lies, create a phpinfo() script.

Next is create an include entry in INI file. For Ubuntu, you may create a new file name it : chartdir.ini, put in /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/ along with existing modules. For other system, put in php.ini :

#configuration for php chart director module

Remember, eventhough the loaded extention is dll, but it is a Linux extention. Do not load the so file as it will reported non-valid PHP module error. Restart your apache server. To make sure your installation is runs well, rerun the phpinfo, you should get this of your info page

This software is shareware, and lots of platform and programming language are available not just PHP. Even its cracks are easily to find on the net, please support by purchasing full version licences.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Enrich your browsing experience under Ubuntu

Ubuntu now is not just geek box. Web developer also can be more convenient using it by installing various browser in it.
Not less than 4 browsers you can install:

1. Firefox
no doubt, this is de facto browser, most widely used among Ubuntu user, as it installed by default.

2. Opera

Eventhough Opera market share is not as big as Firefox, this browser has certain fanatic fans. Deliver a unique render style, browsing using Opera give a different feel.
To install, go to linux download section. Select Ubuntu deb package. Double click downloaded deb file, follow the installation instruction. Otherwise, you may follow instruction by ubuntu forum

3. Internet Explorer

IE is the most widely used, as it come preinstalled with the OS that ruled PC user for years.
To install, follow instruction from my previous post.

4. Safari
Mac fans is unable to accept other browser, but safari. Run on wine, with some display issue, Safari can still shows its beauty. As it run on Wine emulator, simply download safari installation file, then run it.

All browsers above, only Firefox and Opera is running natively, while two others are emulated from Windows version. Meaning you have Wine installed properly before proceed to install them.
Overall, all browsers does have own characteristic and render style that a web developer should have installed them all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Enable Google Analytics without javascript

Site counter tracker has been a very important component for us to trace popularity of a web portal. Luckily, a lot of web site counter we can use freely. All these time I count on two site counter to track my pages. offer a easy to manage and weekly reporting statistic tracker. Simply sign up and add new project to the account, and paste snippet to your HTML template. StatCounter free edition has limitation of storing last 500 records only for analysis.

Google analytics (GA) offer a more complete service, and advanced reporting tools. But so far I searched across the net, found nothing we can do to implement GA in pages (rss or widget) that not support JavaScript. With such limitation, we can't track images loadings, email reads, pdf files, and the most important to me : WML pages.

Got inspired from LinkLove, which is run smoothly on my server but lack of User Agent info, I try to alter some point. Instead of using fopen remote file, I use CUrl function. With CUrl function, we can send set HTTP header to GA to simulate the actual hit by handset to the GA Server. To know more, simply download and try it on your web server. This script is totally standalone, no external 3rd function needed.

On WML/RSS pages, instead of copying GA Urchin JS snippet, simply add a
<img src="" alt="" /> tag like this :

<img src=";d=your-original-domain" alt="GA" />

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are we ready for Mobile Number Portability ?

Mobile telecommunication business is one of the most active industry now in Indonesia. Competition is in the air, it's everywhere. Until last year, telco are still trying to lurk new user by voice call special offers only . Recently the tension even high for data & VAS. Telkomsel offers Rp.125K for unlimited data while provider charge as low as Rp 0.1/SMS.
But all these offer comes to nothing for existing customer, there no option to abandon a number just to chase all these temporary offers.

In some advance countries, there is Mobile Number Portability scheme, allow you to switch telco providers by preserve existing phone number (MSISDN). Are our infrastructure ready for this ?
Will people rush to a telco when it has best offer leaving other to zero? How VAS provider operations while can no longer detect telco from number's prefix ?

Of course, the implementation of MNP in Indonesia needs further market research how people react on this. Are we ready to take this for all the pro and cons ? One thing I'm sure, there will be no rush for people switching providers. Ok, maybe rush for first one or two months, but the market will found the balance, and the switching is just for people really have to.

Telco will trying to keep subscriber longer. Unlike now Rp.50K is just for 1 month validity, maybe the telco will extends it to 1 or 2 year to secure the subscriber not switching other provider. The competition can become more fair for all subscriber.

One thing is sure, it brings headache to people like me, to implement new flow to deliver VAS services.

Friday, August 1, 2008

DIY : Contact-lens style laptop screen protector

Laptop screen is the most visible part of a laptop. It's fragile also sensitive. Some said it's so fragile that we may not touch the screen directly or it will cause permanent because of static-electric conducted by fingertip.

After few experiment, I found a best way to protect laptop screen as well as other LCD-screen. Just need a sheet transparency paper, no glue needed. It use technique similar to contact-lens where the lens is fit to the eye so even we can notice if it has a protector layer.

For transparency paper, please use Laser-Jet compliance plastic, as it's hard enough to slip into screen's dip, also clear enough to make sure it didn't block the screen's original brightness. For a 13' screen, need a A4 (letter) size paper. Cut it follow to your screen size, but need to add approx 5 mm (0,2 inch) each side.

Slip it carefully in to screen edge, until it firmly locked on every edge. Now adjust it across to have the best position on the screen. Now, your screen has a protector from dust, static electric, or pen tip. And best thing is you can replace it whenever you want it and you get a brand new screen instantly.
Photo taken using Nokia 3230 (yang paling keren, milik Rina. Sorry guys, this is Bahasa Indonesia)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The highest software version you ever know

Now almost every offices desk equipped by a computer. Could be a PC, Mac, or just thin-client. But have you notice what is the version number of software you used most ? Have you ever think of it ? I made a personal investigation about it on some software products I know.

Microsoft at least has two product that proven long heritage and evolution line. Microsoft Windows is going to launch Windows 7 as precedesor of Vista. Vista also known as Windows NT 6. However, Microsoft office has a longer evolution history by its version number. Office 2007 formerly known as Office V.12 while Office 2003 is equal to Microsoft Office v.11. Some of you maybe still remember the days of Office 8 years ago.

Adobe also has a long software history from its popular Adobe Photoshop suite. At this moment Adobe has release the latest version Adobe CS 3 (Creative Suite) which is collaborate photo editing, web authoring, and graphic design tools, which include Photoshop ver 10.0. Previously, Adobe Photoshop CS2 is equal to Photoshop version 9. Adobe Acrobat also reach version number 9. Yahoo messenger also reach version number 9, even I can't recall when is the initial version released. Core Draw reach version 12 , but seems market choice has turn to Adobe Illustrator for same function.

Some remarkable software version is those exceed magic 10. Some we can mention here are :
3D Max Studio : version 11
AutoCAD : version 17
MYOB : Version 17

Version are divide into major, minor, and builds. From publisher & developer point of view, every increase of software version should have significant improvement while maintain its core function. But there's no fixed regulation to control software version numbering. It's all back to the developer itself.

So next time, if you open a software dont forget to take a glimpse at the software version number. Usually real version number is stated in menu Help -> About. Leave me a message if you found some interesting fact regarding software version number.

Monday, July 14, 2008

RBT, where non-pirated music lives

Ever since telecommunication company found out the possibilities to put sound during waiting a call to be answered to replace the default "tut..tut..tut.." sound, now RBT (ringback-tone) has become a prime channel selling legal music that's the easiest way to control its copyright, and supposed no copyright violation here.

Invented by a Korean company in 2001, now most mobile telecommunication company has adopt this technology as part of VAS. The service so-called RBT has unique brand. Telkomsel, Indonesia largest mobile telecommunication company using the name "NSP 1212" (Nada Sambung Pribadi), then soon followed by i-Ring 808 by Indosat and Nada Tungguku 1818 by XL.

Even the service name may vary but the basic idea is almost the same. During calling to an RBT-subscriber, caller will hear a preset 30-seconds song (or sound) and will played until the call answered or reach maximum divert timeout. Currently, to increase revenue, the business model has become a 30-days auto-renewal subscription which proved very effective.

No wonder, now every new music product always include RBT subscribe code for its song list.
While almost every song can easily be found on internet, there almost nothing can be hack for RBT-song as user only has right purchace-to-hear, but not the song-ownership.

RBT now become the new kid on block for generating income for both telco and CP. As telco implement the auto renewal scheme and CP businesses attacked by unethical premium charging and widespread of free download sites, everybody turns to RBT. Maybe later on, the new kid on the block could become master of revenue. Who knows ?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Repair Grub Entry after a Ubuntu Hardy Updates

Just few months after its official launch, Ubuntu Hardy Heron has release some kernel updates. Every kernel updates suggest us to create a new Grub menu. But unfortunately, if you choose wrong option, it might overwrite original grub menu entries, including non-ubuntu entries. I accidentally chosen let aptititute update whole list.

If this happen to you, no worry. No need reinstallation of OS. First is recover your lost non-Linux entries. Mostly user mixed with Microsoft OS, like Windows XP or Vista. Insert Windows XP or Vista installation CD. Upon setup option, instead of setup, select "Repair A Windows Installation". Choose command line repair. After a command line windows shows, type :
$ fixboot
$ fixmbr

For more command, your can type :
$ help

Close repair session, remove Windows CD, and then reboot. Now your box should be able to boot Windows. Next is repair grub entries. Insert Ubuntu Live CD, then reboot. Open a terminal session from Start Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal. Type :

$ sudo grub
grub >find /boot/grub/stage1

From given information, setup grub root and entries

grub> root (hd0,1)
grub> setup (hd0)
grub> quit

More reading about dual boot tips and emergency tips your may read Ubuntu official tutorial

Monday, June 2, 2008

Affordable Internet (for big city only)

After 6 months after my first post about affordable internet plan, no big and remarkable development for Indonesia internet plan for public. At least those hit the market and become headline on non-IT media. But the needs is clear. Public is now more and more aware the internet's purpose.

Actually we're not lack of idea to widening internet access. We have a lot. One of it is RT-RW Net which is originally proposed by local IT expert, Onno W Purbo. You can read his idea or simply visit his minimalist personal site. But all these come to a need for affordable internet backbones. Major ISP now still stick to a not-so-affordable price for home user. Not to mention the limited service area.

First media (previously Cablevision) is the first ISP provide affordable internet plan yet bigger coverage area. Priced at Rp. 99.000, Firstmedia provide unlimited internet bandwidth at 384Kbps through its digital TV cable network. But it cover big city, mostly in Jakarta only.

For small cities, expecting local goverment can be the leader to provide local loop and let local user to build RT-RW net.

Let see what connection we can get next 6 months.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Integrate PHPBB login to your website

PHPBB is one of most widely used forum board system. Build on strength platform of PHP, PHPBB free yet stable and easy to configure. We can aware if a system using PHPBB as its forum board system, by its unique layout and themes.

For some website that doesn't have own member management system can use PHPBB for their user / login based system. PHPBB provide a solid member management system, sign up interface, also nice member profile interface.

For sign up, easiest way is using existing PHPBB signup form. More customization is required to match your website theme. Simply edit profile_add_body.tpl template under your phpbb/template/templatename/ folder. It's all in html + smarty code.

Next is to link a login form (on your main website) to phpbb login verification system. You need to create a form contain 3 main object : user name, password, and Login button

<form name="frmPhpBBLogin" action="your_phpbb_login.php" method="post">

User name : <input name="username" type="text">

Password : <input name="'password'" type="password">

<input value="'Login'" type="'submit'">


To get login info which stored in PHPBB session, simply get it from COOKIE data by
PHP Code snippet
$session_data = isset($_COOKIE['phpbb2_data'])?unserialize(stripslashes($_COOKIE['phpbb2_data'])) : array();
if (isset($session_data['userid'])) GetPHPBBMemberDetail($session_data['userid'])
function GetPHPBBMemberDetail($id) {
$myQR = "SELECT * FROM `phpbbdb`.`phpbbprefix_users` WHERE `user_id`='$id'";
$myRE = mysql_query($myQR);
return mysql_fetch_assoc($myRE);

Note :
- Actual cookie variable name may vary, you can do a var_dump($_COOKIE) to find out.
- Change `phpbbdb` to your actual PHPBB database name
- Chnage `phpbbprefix_` to actual PHPBB table naming prefix
You must have mysql access to get all the data.

To log out simply hit PHPBB's logout url, normally at login.php?logout=true

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Firefox 2 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron just rolled out from it's beta stage. For those ubuntu-lover, we just can't wait what are new features on this new release, especially that can be seen directly from its fancy desktop.

Firefox is one of among list. Even Firefox 3 offer lot of new browsing features, but unfortunately, I don't like beta softwares. Even it proved stable, but one thing is sure, it slow down my laptop, compare to previous version. Maybe you have same opinion with me.
Also, lot of my favorite plugin does not work with Firefox 3, including Foxmarks.

To roll back using Firefox 2 as Ubuntu Hardy default browser, simply uninstall firefox 3, get firefox 2 and change some shortcut links. Open a terminal session

$ sudo aptitute remove firefox
$ sudo aptitute remove firefox-3
$ sudo apt-get install firefox-2

Next is change default command firefox shell script to firefox-2, by type :
$ cd /usr/bin
$ sudo ln -s firefox-2 firefox

As bonus here is an article for you who love Internet Explorer, and wish to run it on your Ubuntu. Installing Wine, Internet Explorer and Visio 2003

Just like Asus tagline, now you can enjoy rock-solid heart-touching Firefox 2 :) and alternative IE on your Ubuntu.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Use firefox to open wap site

Firefox is now about to take over the position of most popular browser. Due to lack of customization and security reason, now more and more user are turning using Firefox rather than other browser.

For wap developer like me, everyday involve with hundreds of trial-and-fail page load using all available browser, I found it's very useful for you all to have this plugin. WMLBrowser is essential for firefox to determine the content type text/vnd.wap.wml file.

To install, simply go to Tools -> Add Ons. On extensions tab, click "Get Extensions". Your firefox will open a new tab. Just type wml in the search box. Or you can go to WMLBrowser direct link. Once installed now you can open any WML site as it display on phone browser. All plugins above work for Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 both on Windows or Linux.

Another utility that complementary to this plugin is User Agent Switcher, to let you pretend that you really a mobile handset to wap server. This trick very useful to mask yahoo and gmail site to serve us as mobile user, as well as to download contents that should serve mobile user only.

We are plotted what media says

Information is our daily bread. Most people start their day by consuming information, beside of breakfast. A newspaper on hand, or simply turn on a television news channel. This is global world. Any event happened arround the globe, can be broadcast in seconds. Internet is playing main role, on serving more detail topic of an event.

Media giants, as well as strong government, with intention or not, to deliver information to support their role. Politic issue, economy benefit and personal fame are some of the reason media push biased message. Some country, using local media to keep people's loyalty and maintain government..

That's why, to maintain your personal opinion, it's good to have information on various source. Example, to be clear on what happened in Tibet, we need to heard from China's version as well as Tibetan media. As you read western's capitalism news, it's good to have a second opinion on what socialism said.

But not all people can have more than a version on what's happening. Indonesia, in era of information liberalism, even local election may lead to a social unrest. Sometime, they don't exactly know what they're fighting for. Protester was paid to run to road. That's why internet could be a media to deliver message on different perspective, and sometime not in positive way also.

So keep your perspective, be a neutral person, broaden your view, get information from any sources. Jangan jadi katak dalam tempurung!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Download Liputan6 video

Liputan6 is one of most popular news programme in Indonesia owned by SCTV ( and has certains fanatic viewer, since Liputan6 gives a different point of view to a news. As it's slogan, Aktual, Tajam & Terpercaya, make it stand apart from other news programme.

Luckily, liputan6 has online version so even we're abroad and unable to watch this aired SCTV news programme, we can log on to its portal at But to watch directly from the portal need at least 256kbps of steady connection. Even you has better connection, sometime it's not really enough due to the country's internet infrastructure is not sufficient for steady 256kbps streaming. When this happen, you need to download the video file and play locally.

Thanks to youtube, FLV is now the most popular video format on the net. Liputan6 uses VP6F codec FLV. At the resolution 320x240, each minute of video may sized up to 1MB.

At liputan6, each aired part will be create in one file. Each programme instance will contain 3 or 4 files. All files wrapped in a XML file. To download simply navigate your browser to There are several valid programme name :
- l6pagi, for liputan 6 pagi, aired 5.00 am - 6.30 am daily.
- l6siang, for liputan 6 siang, aired daily at noon.
- l6petang, for liputan 6 petang, aired 17.30pm daily.
- l6malam, for liputan 6 malam, aired 00.00 am daily.
Some other non-daily news programme also available, like weekly's SIGI (id : sigi) and Topik Minggu ini (id : topik).

You may either visit addresses above daily and copy-paste FLV location to your download manager, or there's smarter way. If you have a always-connected internet and php installed, you can setup a scheduled download. Download this php script, change some configuration. Then add to crontab (if you use linux) or scheduled task (for windows user). php-cli must installed to be able run php script from linux shell.

Please notice each programme will publish to internet 30 minutes after aired.
Localtime is GMT +07.00.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Site blocking, is it effective ?

Not all information available on internet is suitable for everyone, especially for Indonesia where internet access is very exciting new technology. So new that not every internet user here aware of some inappropriate content and adults content that is should be filtered out from their access.

Government is now applying new rule to block some sites that responsible for distributing inappropriate content. A lot of innocent people and business related to those sites are now suffering from lost of access and financial loss.

As this is very democratic country, this action now facing a lot of contra. Some hacker even hack government official site to express their objection. But for me, as it least affected to my personal business and for the sake of more people, I think it's good to block some inappropriate content. But the blocking shouldn't centralized in nation-wide internet gateway. This should only apply to a smaller region or area, such as, home internet gateway for avoid children accessing adult content.

Blocking site is just like cat and mouse games. When a site is blocked, there were thousands of similar sites founded. Government could never block them all. Maybe government cant stop IT geek or hacker to access such sites, but for most user dont really know the trick. But, the objective to limit access to top "blacklisted" sites is achieved. To these normal internet user, supposed 90% of internet user, yes it is effective. And for this point, I think government has done the right action.

Where internet supposed limitless now has limitation.
Welcome to new era of internet...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jakarta-centric Economy

It's been more than ten years after the Asia monetary crisis passed. Some countries that suffering from the crisis has been rise even more strength than before. But for country like Indonesia, it's like a never ending crisis.

After ten years, it's not toward to a better direction. Even more, it's worsen. Of course there's several public sector has been recovered. Economist like to use modern-based economy indicator to calculate the recovery, like stock index and infrastructure development in Jakarta. But Indonesia is not just Jakarta. There are more than 90% still depend on agriculture and other primary sector to support their income.

Where the space is supposed for 2-3 million inhabitant, Jakarta now home to almost 10 million people not to mention those commuter that work in the city and live in urban area nearby.
The economic activity is so intensive that almost everything people done here, is because of money. Money is the only incentive.

That phenomenon caused Jakarta become the center of everything. From the wealthiest businessmen, until poorest urban family. From businesses head quarter, government main offices, until mafia bosses. And for people like me, the middle class worker, just looking some opportunity in between.

With some skill, and a little bit luck, people can easily find jobs. But one job sometime can simply cant afford live in Jakarta. But to be successful, people here should has a good relation, and lot of luck, not just skill. Because those only work by the technical skill can only survive but only those has extraordinary bullshit skill can survive and get profit more than it's effort.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Flashing ATI Radeon 9550 Bios

As a techno lover, we always expect more from gadget & peripheral we have. From performance increase, new feature and sometime just expecting the not-so-important version number increase.

But this time, my first motivation is to enable desktop effect in Ubuntu Gutsy on my PC. I searched across the net found that the culprit was ATI Radeon 9550. ATI Radeon 9550 is just a tiger in cage. The chip has potential power but caged. You need to unlock it by flashing 9550 become a ATI Radeon 9600.

First, check your ATI 9550 card's detail. I use Asus A9550 series with 256 MB SGRAM. You can get your card detail using ATI Tool . Download a flash utility for ATI card. You can use FlashRom which proven success on my case.

Next you need to find a suitable bios image. My success tips is look for same memory size and brand. Forget the card brand itself. They are just OEM. If found mine on It's recommended you can start searching your compatible bios there. Dont forget to download more than one so you can try flash with various bios image.

To begin flashing, you need a real MS DOS environment. Where most computer now doesnt have 1.44 MB floppy drive, you can create a boot disc by download the boot image then burn to CD. Use any ISO disc burner to burn the image.

Before restarting your PC, dont forget to save all supporting files (Flashrom, BIOS images) in a FAT32 partition drive, where you can still access the file while on real DOS mode. Next useful tips is rename all the BIOS file name into a easy to type name, e.g. 1.bin, 2.bin.

Now you're ready to reboot your PC. Once rebooted, make sure your PC bias has set to boot from CD-ROM as first priority. Insert the boot disc. Wait for boot completion. Now on MS DOS screen type :

A:\> C: (your FAT 32 drive, where you save the flash files, try from C until H)
C:\> CD ATIFLASH (change to dir where you stored flashrom.exe)
C:\ATIFLASH> FLASHROM -s 0 backup.bin (make backup current bios)
C:\ATIFLASH> FLASHROM -f -p 0 ..\9550\1.bin (the new bios file)

After finished, you will hear 3 beep. Then press CTRL+ALT+DEL. If new bios is compatible then you should see normal BIOS screen and can proceed normal OS boot up. If fails, simply retry step above. You really need to type in blind, especially when you updated with an incompatible BIOS resulted your screen scrambled.

Last word, do it on your own risk. And remember, steps above will void your card's warranty. Good luck !

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Running MS Visio 2003 On Ubuntu

Ubuntu is now become main stream OS that used by desktop user, not just alternate to those already in the stream like Macintosh MacOS and Microsoft Windows family. By this time, latest Ubuntu version is Gutsy Gibbon 7.10.

Most task that require Windows now can be run on Linux as well thanks to Wine, a Windows emulation program. But to make a Windows based software install and runs smoothly on Linux, need some quite tricks. These knowledge is shared among internet user which is sometime not a comprehensive how-to guide. There are some tips that helped me so much on running MS Visio 2003 on linux.

First of all make sure you have latest Wine version installed. Run
$ sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
Add following repository to your apt-get repo list :
deb feisty main

It's recommended to completely uninstall existing Wine installation and rename folder /home/your_user/.wine into something else.
Now install Wine and supporting components :

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install wine
$ sudo apt-get install cabextract

Install IE4Linux. IE4Linux needed by certain part of the Visio installation and runtime.

$ wget ttp:// -O - | tar xvzf -

or this alternate link :

$ wget -O - | tar xvzf -

When completed, run :

$ cd ies4linux/
$ ./ies4linux

Follow the installation by choosing some simple installation option. Now you have IE installed in your Ubuntu box.

Next proceed with Ms Visio 2003 installation. Insert the CD into CD-ROM or mount appropriate file. In terminal, change to source folder then run :

$ wine setup.exe
A installation wizard will show up, follow the wizard as you install on Windows.
Once completed, try to run it.
Application -> Wine ->Programs->Microsoft Office ->Microsoft Office Visio 2003

If you get error message "IOPL not enabled", run
$ winecfg

On application tab, change Windows version to Windows XP. On libraries tab, add new library
gdiplus.dll (native)
Save and close config window. And now your Visio should be run perfectly. Any other issue, please check out the community testing result.

My Environment :
Linux Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10, 32 bit version
Wine 0.9.57
Microsoft Visio 2003 (11.3216.5606)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Jakarta's Flood : Regular Visitor

This planet's climate now changing to a state that our planet has never facing before. As the human population increases, thus there will require more resources also cause more waste that might lead instability of planet metabolism, in direct or indirect way.

One of the hot topic is global warming. And as it goes warmer, it also lead to climate instability, some are extreme. This anomaly, makes weather harder to predict.
There are heavy snow in northern hemisphere, while other part of the earth facing extreme heat and in same time, some places has drained out of water, but the capital city of Indonesia has over supply of rain water and has no where to drain to. At least none at this time.

Flood of Jakarta is not a new story, but it's been a regular visitor. But the big issues is it now becomes more often. As many years ago, historian recorded that Jakarta is flooded in 1930s. Then it has never experience that scale of flood until 1996. Then to hid the real thread, official said the event only occur every 5 year. As predicted, in 2002 and 2007 there is big flood in Jakarta with more than 60% city's surface is covered by flood water. But this 5-year cycle doesn't last long. As the weather goes more extreme, and lack of master plan to overcome the problem, now flooding in Jakarta is about regular ritual.

Its nature maybe cause of heavy rain fall and tidal.
But it's our fault to build the city by omitting the nature characteristic of Jakarta. Some conservative area is now become housing area. We are more likely to develop Northern Jakarta as waterfront city more than its natural function as tidal prevent support system. And southern part, supposes support to preserve rain water now become mountain-view rest area with hundreds of villas and bungalow.

Of course I'm not a saying this as a person who capable to change it. I just feel sorry for a big country's capital where 90% of country's economical activity done here.
As more often this natural strikes that causing economical lost and accessibility, sooner or later, people will think again to set company in Jakarta or headquartered in Jakarta. This is the natural way to decrease city's stress and it's a good direction in term of environmental view. But in the world driven by economical, this is disaster. Sooner or later, if this situation get worse, people will abandon this capital city.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Moving SVN repository to another machine

SVN is a great tool for collaborated programmer to keep every copy files up to date and track changes made by everyone. In my case, I use SVN for synchronize my working file between my workstation and portable one. If you haven't get the SVN installed, follow the instruction given from the SVN site. For Ubuntu user (like me) there's a useful instalation guide here.
Since it's a collaboration tool across the internet, SVN repository supposed can be move from one server to another. Even the server are using different OS. First, you need to dump current repository to a dump file (assummed you have existing repo at /opt/svn/svnrepo/) :

$svnadmin dump /opt/svn/svnrepo > svnrepo.dump

Make the file smaller by compressing it :

$tar -cvzf svnrepo.tar.gz svnrepo.dump

Then transfer the file to new server using SCP (assummed your SSH using different port number 222) :

$scp -P 222 svnrepo.tar.gz username@server2:/home/username/

Once transferred, login to server2 :

$ssh username@server2 -p 222

Extract the dump file and copy to new location (assummed at /opt/svn/svnrepo/)

$tar -xvzf svnrepo.tar.gz
$mkdir /opt/svn/
$mv svnrepo.dump /opt/svn/

Import dump file into running SVN server :

$svnadmin create svnrepo
$svnadmin load svnrepo < face="verdana">Once you complete the step, you can delete the .dump file and the tar.gz file as well.
When running the SVN server make sure it loads repo from the location we just imported by

$svnserve -d -r /opt/svn/svnrepo/

Dont forget on SVN client side, make sure to relocate repo to new location as well

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VAS need operator's incentive

Indonesia content market has grew from a second row become first class revenue channel for operator and VAS (value added service) companies. But, as the market become more modern, now VAS companies demanding a new idea to come up with the market grows stagnant.

There is a lot of idea to bring this business back to life again, actually. Backed by 3G technology as transport, and advanced mobile phone platform from Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile, there are likely we have the development scope like desktop programming do.

Some of it are online gaming, full track songs, video on demand, and mobile tv. But all come to a common problem. Most people here is not wealth enough to spend more money for "not-really-important" pulsa. Pulsa refer to prepaid credit, as most mobile phone user here uses prepaid service than post paid. And average ARPU is between Rp. 70.000 - 100.000 (about US$ 8 - US$ 11), most of it are used for SMS and voice call.

But the situation will change if operator willing to become more "flexible" on data charge (GPRS fee). Flexible, is just another way to say "make it free" As this is VAS, user is get charged by the service itself (could be subscription or on demand) and if come with other charges, I personally will think twice to have that service.

Even the technology is so advance that can stream video, but phone with TV tuner feature is very attractive, even we can't really say the quality is satisfying. That's why people here are more like "Nonton TV tanpa pulsa !" jargon than expensive messy mobile tv. So 3G phones just like other low end phones, used for make call, send SMS, and listen to "pirated" music. Do you agree with me ?

Note. VAS company also known as CP (content provider) company.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Using ssh, scp, sftp without password

SSH is a remote access protocol that designed for security purpose, replacing non-secured Telnet. As it main strong point is its security, there's both side signature and authentication to establish a connection. And also, if you notice, most SSH clients didnt offer a "remember password" option and always been asked for password each time you want to connect.

But on linux you can set the connection establish itself without prompting for password. This quite useful if you very often connect to a server. I assuming connecting from LOCAL to SERVER.

1. Log on to LOCAL computer. Run following command :
$ ssh-keygen -t dsa
Left the field empty (press enter to accept the value)
As this step complete, there are 2 file created in your home ~/.ssh/ folder --> this is your public key
id_dsa --> this is your private key

2. Merge the public key into SERVER's authorized key. First we need to transfer the file first using SCP. Add -P option if your SERVER user other port than default SSH port 22.
$ scp ~/.ssh/ user@SERVER:/tmp
Then, log on to SERVER for further step by
$ ssh user@SERVER -p port_number
Change the port number to a value of your SSH port. If you dont know you may try 22.

3. As we logged on SERVER, merge the public key into authorized_key2 :
$ cat /tmp/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_key2
Now you can delete the public key :
$ rm /tmp/

4. Now you can SSH, SFTP or SCP to SERVER from LOCAL computer without get prompted by password.

For security reason, please apply this for trusted computer only.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Indonesia local TLD isn't so popular ?

Indonesia as part of global networking has its own top level domain (TLD).
1., is for company and business institution.
2., for non-profit organization
3., for school and educational institution
4., for government and its related offices.
5., for internet related institution
6., for personal sites

Among these TLDs, there's common problem which can only be registered by person or company who has Indonesia Tax Number (NPWP) and strong reason why need to register the name. Simply no room for these personal domain and occasional domain registration. Have you think of to register instead of ? Even some government promotion are registered to dotCom domain!

Beside that, manual processed registration procedure makes only a professional can understand the form and fill it correctly. But some of these complicated procedure are taken care by hosting company. But everytime you need to make changes to these data, always have to ask your hosting company to do it. Although, some hosting company has their own control panel for client to manage. But what if we want to relocate the hosting ? Ooppss.

That's why when we need a domain to hook our promotion or project, Indonesia local TLD would never come as first choice. So, I'm calling Indonesia internet authorities, let build a strong management to handle this domain registration business. And I believe, this is a really potential business the worth to manage professionally and will produce a significant incomes.

What do you think ?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Customize Windows XP logon screen

One year after Microsoft Vista launched, its predecessor still on top of most famoust operating systems chart. This can be see at some web page counter put Windows XP percentage far above Vista. This is because Windows XP is proved mature and stable OS while Vista still lack of it's support for driver and performance that Microsoft claimed.

But, still Vista-style interface is very tempting to try. Luckily, Windows XP offer so much customization option, so we can customize everything to make it looks like real Vista. There are Vista Transformation Pack that can transform your XP to nearly-perfect Vista interface, from the boot screen, welcome logon screen, start menu, and even icons and behaviour.

For some who doesn't like the total make-over of XP, please try just customize one thing that you might see it every time you start your computer. That's logon screen.

Default logon screen system is controlled by a file name logonui.exe in C:\Windows\System32\ (actual folder location may vary depend on your installation). Do not change or delete the file. All we need is find the same functioned file and put to the same folder.

First step, you can find the interface you like from search engine. But I prefer to search from DeviantArt. Choose the interface you like, but make sure it's an EXE file. Otherwise, you might need another program the make it work. Once downloaded the file, put it into same folder as C:\Windows\System32 and do not overwrite the original logonui.exe, if they have a same name.
Let say, name it logonui_vista.exe

Then open a REGEDIT session (from START -> RUN -> type REGEDIT). Navigate to
\HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\logonUI
Change the default value "logonui.exe" to the new file name just copied.

Dont forget to change the user logon style at Start -> Control Panel -> User Account -> Change the way user log on/off. Check the "Use welcome screen" check box. Try to log off then log in again to see the new interface in action.

Now you can change your login screen whenever you like !