Monday, April 28, 2008

Download Liputan6 video

Liputan6 is one of most popular news programme in Indonesia owned by SCTV ( and has certains fanatic viewer, since Liputan6 gives a different point of view to a news. As it's slogan, Aktual, Tajam & Terpercaya, make it stand apart from other news programme.

Luckily, liputan6 has online version so even we're abroad and unable to watch this aired SCTV news programme, we can log on to its portal at But to watch directly from the portal need at least 256kbps of steady connection. Even you has better connection, sometime it's not really enough due to the country's internet infrastructure is not sufficient for steady 256kbps streaming. When this happen, you need to download the video file and play locally.

Thanks to youtube, FLV is now the most popular video format on the net. Liputan6 uses VP6F codec FLV. At the resolution 320x240, each minute of video may sized up to 1MB.

At liputan6, each aired part will be create in one file. Each programme instance will contain 3 or 4 files. All files wrapped in a XML file. To download simply navigate your browser to There are several valid programme name :
- l6pagi, for liputan 6 pagi, aired 5.00 am - 6.30 am daily.
- l6siang, for liputan 6 siang, aired daily at noon.
- l6petang, for liputan 6 petang, aired 17.30pm daily.
- l6malam, for liputan 6 malam, aired 00.00 am daily.
Some other non-daily news programme also available, like weekly's SIGI (id : sigi) and Topik Minggu ini (id : topik).

You may either visit addresses above daily and copy-paste FLV location to your download manager, or there's smarter way. If you have a always-connected internet and php installed, you can setup a scheduled download. Download this php script, change some configuration. Then add to crontab (if you use linux) or scheduled task (for windows user). php-cli must installed to be able run php script from linux shell.

Please notice each programme will publish to internet 30 minutes after aired.
Localtime is GMT +07.00.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Site blocking, is it effective ?

Not all information available on internet is suitable for everyone, especially for Indonesia where internet access is very exciting new technology. So new that not every internet user here aware of some inappropriate content and adults content that is should be filtered out from their access.

Government is now applying new rule to block some sites that responsible for distributing inappropriate content. A lot of innocent people and business related to those sites are now suffering from lost of access and financial loss.

As this is very democratic country, this action now facing a lot of contra. Some hacker even hack government official site to express their objection. But for me, as it least affected to my personal business and for the sake of more people, I think it's good to block some inappropriate content. But the blocking shouldn't centralized in nation-wide internet gateway. This should only apply to a smaller region or area, such as, home internet gateway for avoid children accessing adult content.

Blocking site is just like cat and mouse games. When a site is blocked, there were thousands of similar sites founded. Government could never block them all. Maybe government cant stop IT geek or hacker to access such sites, but for most user dont really know the trick. But, the objective to limit access to top "blacklisted" sites is achieved. To these normal internet user, supposed 90% of internet user, yes it is effective. And for this point, I think government has done the right action.

Where internet supposed limitless now has limitation.
Welcome to new era of internet...