Sunday, July 20, 2008

The highest software version you ever know

Now almost every offices desk equipped by a computer. Could be a PC, Mac, or just thin-client. But have you notice what is the version number of software you used most ? Have you ever think of it ? I made a personal investigation about it on some software products I know.

Microsoft at least has two product that proven long heritage and evolution line. Microsoft Windows is going to launch Windows 7 as precedesor of Vista. Vista also known as Windows NT 6. However, Microsoft office has a longer evolution history by its version number. Office 2007 formerly known as Office V.12 while Office 2003 is equal to Microsoft Office v.11. Some of you maybe still remember the days of Office 8 years ago.

Adobe also has a long software history from its popular Adobe Photoshop suite. At this moment Adobe has release the latest version Adobe CS 3 (Creative Suite) which is collaborate photo editing, web authoring, and graphic design tools, which include Photoshop ver 10.0. Previously, Adobe Photoshop CS2 is equal to Photoshop version 9. Adobe Acrobat also reach version number 9. Yahoo messenger also reach version number 9, even I can't recall when is the initial version released. Core Draw reach version 12 , but seems market choice has turn to Adobe Illustrator for same function.

Some remarkable software version is those exceed magic 10. Some we can mention here are :
3D Max Studio : version 11
AutoCAD : version 17
MYOB : Version 17

Version are divide into major, minor, and builds. From publisher & developer point of view, every increase of software version should have significant improvement while maintain its core function. But there's no fixed regulation to control software version numbering. It's all back to the developer itself.

So next time, if you open a software dont forget to take a glimpse at the software version number. Usually real version number is stated in menu Help -> About. Leave me a message if you found some interesting fact regarding software version number.

Monday, July 14, 2008

RBT, where non-pirated music lives

Ever since telecommunication company found out the possibilities to put sound during waiting a call to be answered to replace the default "tut..tut..tut.." sound, now RBT (ringback-tone) has become a prime channel selling legal music that's the easiest way to control its copyright, and supposed no copyright violation here.

Invented by a Korean company in 2001, now most mobile telecommunication company has adopt this technology as part of VAS. The service so-called RBT has unique brand. Telkomsel, Indonesia largest mobile telecommunication company using the name "NSP 1212" (Nada Sambung Pribadi), then soon followed by i-Ring 808 by Indosat and Nada Tungguku 1818 by XL.

Even the service name may vary but the basic idea is almost the same. During calling to an RBT-subscriber, caller will hear a preset 30-seconds song (or sound) and will played until the call answered or reach maximum divert timeout. Currently, to increase revenue, the business model has become a 30-days auto-renewal subscription which proved very effective.

No wonder, now every new music product always include RBT subscribe code for its song list.
While almost every song can easily be found on internet, there almost nothing can be hack for RBT-song as user only has right purchace-to-hear, but not the song-ownership.

RBT now become the new kid on block for generating income for both telco and CP. As telco implement the auto renewal scheme and CP businesses attacked by unethical premium charging and widespread of free download sites, everybody turns to RBT. Maybe later on, the new kid on the block could become master of revenue. Who knows ?