Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mobile Platform war

Global economy is slowing down, but tech company and consortium seems not going to slow down their research for next generation mobile device platform.

Mobile platform is not as simple as just OS. But it more to whole system how it interact with user, security, how it connect to any protocol and service.

The platform leads market now is Symbian. Motored by Nokia with its S60, now symbian devices can be found also on other brand, like LG and Samsung. With a very user friendly interface and consume low processing power, this platform is most available on most middle class handset now.

Windows Mobile is emerging from WinCE, now become a mature platform that adopted by some high end smartphone brand, like HTC, O2, DOPOD, some Samsung Pda phone and now Sony Ericsson on its Xperia X1. Backed by user using Windows on their PC, the creator expect user will find it easier to enjoy Windows Mobile.

There are proprietary system develop by each manufacturer, but since maintained by single vendor only, no much application for download and improvement we can expect. But as it implemented on most lower-end handset, these platform still have big portion in the market. Apple Iphone, in my opinion, is in this category also, as it single vendor maintain and very-closed system.

The latest but feared to be next leader, is Google's architech Android. Android believed will be the next generation platform since it design and created based on latest mobile and internet technology. Still some years to come before this platform is widely available on market, especially when economy crisis strike like now.