Friday, January 9, 2009

Download KOMPAS Daily to your own server

Kompas starts today 2 July 2009, implements Microsoft's Silver Light framework, this download script temporary unable to fetch any edition

As most popular daily newspaper in indonesia, KOMPAS's content always been a compass most people to look to, from marketing to adv publisher, formal and informmal worker. As the biggest newspaper in country, everything in it counts, the news and advertorial. Some people may need it to be archived at their own for future reference.

As now, KOMPAS has their edition published online, you read it via internet browser. It uses djvu format, small image as thumbnail, combination of png (for text layer) and jpeg (for color photos layer). To download it, kind of hassle, because you might need to combine these two layers to get complete paper layout. Also, they just implement a sign up system to gather user information. Though it's free for now, but sure will consider a paid-scheme in the future.

If you want to keep ones as your archive, you install this script to your server, or you can try the working demo version. The interface isn't beautiful tough, but it's functional. Enjoy.

Demo version
Facebook version of KOMPAS