Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Setting up gammu with smsd

Gammu is the most popular program to build customized sms  server. It can connect to various of handset, from the oldest model until recently launched model.  Also it support populars os(es) such as Microsoft Windows and Linux Ubuntu. 

To setup gammu under windows simply download win32 binary from gammu site. For Ubuntu, even easier.

$ sudo apt-install gammu

That's all.

Once installed try edit gammurc (gammu config files). Windows version, config file will be in same folder as gammu.exe. For Ubuntu version, the config file is in /etc. Edit where needed.
My working setting is :


port = /dev/ttyS1
;model = 6110
connection = at19200
;synchronizetime = yes
logfile = /home/says/gammulog
logformat = textall
;use_locking = yes
;gammuloc = locfile
;startinfo = yes
;gammucoding = utf8
;rsslevel = teststable
;usephonedb = yes

To test out :

$ gammu --identify

On success connection it should display our gsm modem properties.

Manufacturer : Nokia
Model : 6150 (NSM-1)
Firmware : 4.12 E (02-12-98)
Hardware : 2320
IMEI : 493002107068660
Original IMEI : 493002107068660
Manufactured : 1298
Product code : 0502690
Simlock 1 : MCC+MNC 00101, opened, factory, counter 0
Simlock 2 : GID1 0000, opened, factory, counter 0
Simlock 3 : GID2 0000, opened, factory, counter 0
Simlock 4 : MSIN 0000000001, opened, factory, counter 0
MSID : 823c21bb67cc5d6aab0f3caae6
MCU checksum : 4057

Next is configure smsd engine. Create a smsd config file. Ussually named smsdrc. Edit where needed. Put the file in same folder as we running Gammu. I strongly recommend using files style, as you can easily to customize the system.

PIN = 327426
logfile = /home/says/sms/logs/smsdlog
commtimeout = 10
sendtimeout = 20
#receivefrequency = 0
#resetfrequency = 0
deliveryreport = log
phoneid = mdsms

inboxpath = /home/says/sms/inbox/
outboxpath = /home/says/sms/outbox/
sentsmspath = /home/says/sms/sent/
errorsmspath = /home/says/sms/error/
inboxformat = standard
transmitformat = auto

The main part of the system just to read incoming sms save it to /inbox, send any message that we put in /outbox. Next gammu smsd able to do the rest.

Next, create an agent just to read message source to be send out, and retrieve incoming msg in inbox to store in your database. last thing is create nice fancy interface, of course dont forget the user authentication. Then hola, your own sms server is ready to serve.

Download : php agent to read & delete files

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Looks profesional, write profesional email too

Email is must have communication for today business activity. Some people may not aware of that email have ethics code, so your email looks profesional and not just email. I write this because I've seen a lot of people just doesn't know (or doesn't care) about this.

I just encourage people to pay more attention on good email manner

1. Use company domain for business purposes. This rule is very simple, never join a mass mail mailing list using your company email, simply signup a free mail service. And oppositely, never response to a company project using free mail.

2. Dont forget to include nice signature in every mail you sent.
It could be your contact detail, such as full name, position, company address, company phone, and company website. It's a very simple, as so many people might forget to set it. For me, receiving email without signature like the person trying to hide these detail, that not good.

3. Do not reply when you're not in the mood..
We seen one-word, one-liner reply like 'ok', 'me too','i agree'. For me it represent the sender not in mood to response. delete unused thread below.

4. Write what you mean, mean what you write
Don't compose an email in hurry, especially that's a weekly report. We can easily knows if an email is composed to catch up the target or it really composed from getting data from lot of sources.
In slank Jakarta word, "gak niat". No, never sent that kind of weekly report, better wait until you really have enough useful data and information.

Happy email-ing !